S&F Design “Making Space: Beyond a Room” Catalog for Girls’ Club Collection


We have just completed the catalog design for Making Space: Beyond a Room, an exhibition at Rosemary Duffy Larson Gallery, Broward College Central Campus. (Click here to see a short video of the catalog)

The 44 page full-color catalog includes reproductions of works included in the show, writings from the three curators, an interview with Virginia Woolf scholar Eric Berlatsky, and an original essay from Karen J. Leader, Assistant Professor of Art History and Faculty Associate in the Center for Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at FAU.  The catalog is printed and bound locally and is complimentary to gallery visitors and by request. The exhibit is on view until January 21, 2015.

Via Girls’ Club Collection:

Making Space: Beyond a Room is a multi-media exhibition that builds upon the discussion of women’s creative practice and access presented in Virginia Woolf’s 1929 feminist essay “A Room of One’s Own.” Speaking frankly on historic gender adversity, Woolf discusses the difficulty in creating a suitable climate for creative thought. She writes of a need for artists to have not only economic means to support themselves, but access to a private, controllable space – a room of one’s own.

Making Space examines the current status of creative space for female artists today. How this space is constructed and defended by both male and female today.  The works in the exhibition incorporate solutions that are abstracted, actual, invented and psychological, demonstrating the myriad ways that artists make space and the diversity ultimately produced by them.

The exhibition invites the public to question how we define a room today.  Must one have a room to one’s self for creative production to flow freely and uninhibitedly? Can a room exist in the mind, in virtual or cyber-space or must it be contained by four brick and mortar walls with a locking door?

Curated from the private collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz, Making Space features contemporary work from internationally and nationally renowned artists as well as prominent local artists: Rosemarie Chiarlone, Teresa Diehl, Scott Daniel Ellison ,Tracey Emin, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Kate Gilmore, Sarah Jones, Mel Kadel, Klara Kristalova, Rania Matar, Lee Materazzi, Julie Mehretu, Abelardo Morell, Ania Moussawel, Peggy Levison Nolan, Sandra Scolnik, Mickalene Thomas, Amy Wilson and Su-en Wong.