Florida Panthers Mural at FAT Village in Fort Lauderdale


Schrift & Farbe just completed an amazing graffiti-style mural for the Florida Panthers NHL Draft party during Art Walk at FAT Village in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. To see a larger image of the mural, click here.

The Florida Panthers marketing team was looking for a mural that was graffiti inspired but stayed in line with Panthers existing branding. Over three days, the Schrift & Farbe team created a colorful, energetic and fun mural that worked well for the party and their target market. Many thanks to Richard Adler from the Florida Panthers marketing team and Doug McCraw from FAT Village. Extra special thanks to Quake + Rage for their superb work and gallons of sweat while painting a mural in June in the South Florida sun. Take a peek at the video below to see the mural in progress as well as the Florida Panthers’ Art Walk Draft Party.