Vandalog’s list of amazing women street artists

Tati Suarez

In the street art world, male artists outnumber women artists greatly. That doesn’t mean that there’s not a ton of female talent out there.

Robin Grearson’s guest post on the street art blog Vandalog talks about the male/female disparity in the street art world and goes on to name a bunch of talented artists that you should check out, such as Alice Mizrachi, BastardillaBunny MCake, Elle, Fafi, Georgina Ciotti, Gilf!, Hyuro, Imminent Disaster, Lady Pink, Liliwenn, LMNOP, MISO, Miss Van, Sheryo, Shin Shin, Sofia MaldonadoTooflyWing, AikoFefe TalaveraJilly BallisticOlek, and Shamsia Hassani

Robin even gives a shout out to the extraordinarily talented Tati Suarez (pictured above), originally from Miami, whom I have had the pleasure of working with. Check out the article here.