Ottati Letterpress Birth Announcement


Just finished up a custom designed two-color letterpress birth announcement for the Ottati family’s newest adorable addition: Tate Wolfgang.

The birth announcements were hand printed by yours truly on a Vandercook make-ready letterpress. For this two-color job, the client chose an apple green and warm brown. Each color was hand mixed and the green was matched to a #10 French Paper Pop Tone “Sour Apple” envelope.  I used 100% cotton Crane Lettra Letterpress 110 pound “Fluorescent White” card stock for the announcement. This paper is made specifically for letterpress printing and has a wonderful toothy texture and embosses beautifully. Although the color is called “Fluorescent White”, it’s really just a normal bright white. After the announcements were printed and trimmed, a photo of the little guy was affixed to the bottom section.

The letterpress birth announcements turned out amazing and the client was very happy with the final printed piece. Check out the slide show below for a closer look.