Why invest in brand identity?

Invest In Brand Identity

The best identity programs personify and advance the company’s brand by supporting desired perceptions. Identity represents itself in every touchpoint of the brand and becomes intrinsic to a company’s heritage — a constant reminder of its core values and its culture. The logotype is the top of a branding pyramid; recognition fuels comfort and loyalty and sets the stage for a sale. A superb identity demonstrates rather than declares a unique point of view, from the interface of a website to the design of a product to the retail sales experience.

Brands are ranked regularly in the media. Business magazines feature such articles as “Americas Ten Best Brands,” citing market share and other economic indicators. Practically every book on brand strategy will remind you of the present value of the Coca-Cola brand, which seems to increase even when the economy falters. It is more challenging to measure the impact and value of brand identity: If the Coke brand is worth $156.08 billion, we can assume that th Coca-Cola logotype and its packaging design are brand assets that have intrinsic value.

Reasons to invest in brand identity:

Make it easy for the customer to purchase – Compelling brand identity presents any company, any size anywhere with an immediately recognizable, distinctive, professional image that positions it for success.

Make it easy for the sales force to sell – Strategic brand identity works across diverse audiences and cultures to build an awareness and understanding of a company and its strengths. The coherence of communications across various media sends a strong signal to the customer about the laser like focus of a company

Make it easy to build brand equity – Small companies and nonprofits also need to build brand equity. Their future success is dependent on building public awareness, preserving their reputations, and upholding their value. A strong brand identity will help build brand equity through increased recognition, awareness, and customer loyalty, with in turn makes a company more successful.

At Schrift & Farbe, we design brand identities that communicate our clients’ core values and ideas through intelligent and effective design. To see some examples, click here.