Was Banksy in Florida? New Times asks Creative Director Jill C. Weisberg for her take

Possible Banksy

A mysterious mural that may or may not be a Banksy has appeared in a Tequesta strip mall outside West Palm Beach, Florida. When the New Times Broward/Palm Beach wanted an opinion on the so-called Banksy’s authenticity, they asked Schrift & Farbe Creative Director Jill C. Weisberg, who wrote her Master’s thesis on Street Art and also is the also the curator of the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project.

Here is the quote:

Jill Weisberg, a street art curator from Hollywood, Florida, looked at the image and speculated, “While aesthetically, this looks like a Banksy, I am not sure that it really is. The content has to do with copyright issues, which is a concept that he has worked with, however, it’s about an American movie, and it does not seem to me like something that is very concerning or controversial. In my experience, his concepts are brilliant and tend to explore absurdism, human rights issues, consumerism and just plain silliness. Also, the location seems quite random, and although it’s not at all impossible, I believe that if he came into the South Florida region he would do a random spot closer to Miami.

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