Salon D’ Notre Societe | Primary Projects Gallery

Two children collecting leaves

Primary Projects gallery in the Miami Design District has a really cool upcoming salon-type show which opens on June 9, 2012. I will have some work up as well as tons of other really amazing artists.

Artists include: Autumn Casey, Lawrence Gipe, Lu Gold, Felice Grodon, Magnus Sodamin, Douglas Hoekzema, Miru Kim, Nick Klein, Charles Krafft, Anthony Lister, Michael Loveland, Jel Martinez. Stormie Mills, Emmett Moore, Edouard Nardon, Larry Newberry, Joe Cinnante, Sarah Newberry, Andrew Nigon, Jessy Nite, Jeffery Noble, Brandon Opalka, Gustavo Oviedo, Kenton Parker, Christina Pettersson, Luis Pinto, Manny Prieres, Metro Zu, Nicholas Arehart, Melanie Ratcliff, Rebeca Raney, Evan Robarts, Johnny Robles, Jonathan Rockford, Samantha Salzinger, Shelter Serra, Scott Shannon, Karen Starosta-Gilinski, Cole Sternberg, Tatiana Suarez, Jill C. Weisberg, Antonia Wright, Noa Yafe, Fernando Garcia and Catalina Jaramillo.

Check out the flyer below featuring a drawing by Eduard Nardon.