Downtown Hollywood Mural Project presents: Lebo

Lebo Downtown Hollywood Mural Project

Lebo’s “Be-Bop Into Outer Space” was the first mural commissioned for the new project Schrift & Farbe is mananging/curating: The Downtown Hollywood Mural Project.

The Downtown Hollywood Mural Project is an exterior mural project with curated original art by local artists. The project is meant to transform Downtown Hollywood’s blank walls and nondescript building facades to create an eclectic mix of contemporary artworks that will enhance the architecture of Downtown.

Lebo’s mural was completed at the end of August, the mural spans approximately 120 feet and is located on the boarded up¬†southwestern side of The Great Southern Hotel.

The colorful mural faces the Arts Park and is inspired by Jazz greats such as Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane. This is the first mural that Lebo has used spray paint to create his mural, rather than traditional exterior latex paint. The amazing Peter Vahan shot and edited an awesome video documenting the mural. Check it out here.

If you have not checked out the other artists involved in the project or want to see more pics, go to the official Facebook page for Downtown Hollywood Mural Project here.