The Difference Between Street Art and Graffiti

The difference between Street Art and Graffiti

Quite often, a question we get asked is what is the difference between street art and graffiti? It’s hard to explain in just one sentence or so, so we have decided to write a blog post about it. Please note: this is our opinion… would love to hear comments on what your take is. Graffiti […]

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Why invest in brand identity?

Invest In Brand Identity

The best identity programs personify and advance the company’s brand by supporting desired perceptions. Identity represents itself in every touchpoint of the brand and becomes intrinsic to a company’s heritage — a constant reminder of its core values and its culture. The logotype is the top of a branding pyramid; recognition fuels comfort and loyalty […]

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fort lauderdale branding and design blog post - Banksy

Do you ever feel that almost every square foot of the civilized world has been contaminated by corporate logos? I distinctly remember the moment when I realized corporate branding was everywhere. It was at Disney World when I was about 11 years old. Before that, Disney was this magical land of fun and I was […]

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